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We appreciate your interest. We are both here because we recognize that your smile speaks volumes before you pronounce a single word. A perfect, healthy smile is indeed that most important first impression anybody could make in absolutely every and any situation. That is why whether for yourself or someone you love, the gift of a beautiful and healthy smile is one that should not wait. That is also why we understand the importance of what we do. We love our job are ready to set you on the path of further confidence, enhanced esthetics and higher self-esteem. A better life is just a few clicks away… let’s work that smile!

Your smile speaks volumes before you even say a word; you know this and we know this. It is now wonder why you want to make sure that your smile is the absolute best that it can be. Orthodontist Dr. JC Cadena and his team are setting the bar higher in the world of orthodontics for Silicon Valley and the San Jose area by bringing the art and craft of orthodontics to the next level!

Our Orthodontic Services

From metallic and colored braces, to self-ligating braces, or even braces alternatives such as Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, our Santa Clara area orthodontics practice can offer you it all. Unleash the power of a beautiful smile to boost your appearance and self-esteem. It is time to take the first step toward a brighter, healthier future, and we want you to take that step with our Campbell area orthodontics practice.

Our orthodontic results are better, faster, and easier to complete than ever before! As a true professional, Dr. Cadena believes that his education was not complete upon receiving his degree. The field of orthodontics is like a living, breathing organism—always changing and adapting. Our practice works hard to stay up to date with the latest research, theories, and technology.

San Jose Dental Braces

Smileswork Scholarship

Here at Dr. JC’s office we are all interested in getting the word out in regards to the advantages and benefits of considering Orthodontic Treatment. We have devised a plan where by we educate, promote and give back to the community that has benefited us through out the years, all while having fun. It starts with Braces Day and culminates with the selection of the yearly recipient of our very own Smileswork Scholarship.

Braces Day

Braces day is arranged through local schools and it entails a classroom visit by our entire staff. We divide the classroom into small groups that rotate every ten minutes through different stations designed to teach a bit about the world of orthodontics to the students. For example, we have them take impressions of their pinky fingers and then “pour them up” with plaster so to make models not unlike the ones we do with our patient’s teeth. Most importantly, we provide a free orthodontic consultation for all the participant students, using our findings to nominate possible candidates for our Smileswork Scholarship. We create several contests, leave prizes for the kids and at the end of the day, we would like to believe they all have a great time while learning something new.

Why Choose Us?

From metallic, to clear, to self-ligating brackets; from fixed retainers to removable night guards to clear aligner therapy (Invisalign); from children or adult, total, comprehensive or partial pre-restorative treatments: from temporary implants, to surgically assisted, if it is related to the broad umbrella of orthodontic care, we cover it in our Office serving San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Campbell and Cupertino among other neighboring cities.

  • We have unmatched experience, old fashion compassion and love what we do.
  • We are clean, sterile and constantly cleaning and sterilizing.
  • Our architectural look, environment and feel are far from your typical dental office.
  • We are multicultural and frankly, do laps around other supposed bilingual practices (English/ Spanish).
  • We work longer hours than anybody else.
  • If you have heard about it, we have it ready for you (give us a try).
  • We admittedly do a lot of talking but we are mostly graduated listeners.
  • Our in-house financing options click with everybody’s budget.
  • We really like to maximize benefits (our expertise with insurance companies puts us ahead).
  • Because more than building a practice we are into building community.

San Jose Dental Braces


It’s a great place. The doctor is nice and the assistants are also nice and very good at their job. I’m going to miss this place because I just got my braces off, but I’m happy that they helped me through my journey for my teeth:).

Brianna M.

I went to Dr. Cadena as a past braces patient in my teens, needing to restraighten my bite as an adult. With the help of Dr. Cadena and his staff, I am now showing off my realigned, sparkling smile. From the 1st phone call to my final exam, I was greeted by friendly, competent staff ready to answer all my questions and handle my concerns. The office is easy to find, right off 880 in Santa Clara, with plenty of parking and public transportation close by. I highly recommend Dr. J.C. Cadena to my family and friends, and you, too!

Lyn J.

I recently went in for a consultation and all I have to say is they’re great! The staff is very friendly and Dr. JC is funny. I can’t wait to start my treatment!

Dennis M.

Dr. Cadena was the only orthodontist to say that he might be too old for headgear, but we could give it a try. The alternative is invasive elective surgery. Dr. Cadena wanted to straighten the teeth before putting on the headgear. We countered that if time may not be on our side, we'd like to start the headgear as soon as possible. He agreed. So my son had the headgear while we're stuck at home 24/7 with the covid shelter-in-place order! The headgear is working! THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr. Cadena!

Mary C.

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Dr JC and his dedicated team are revolutionizing the Orthodontic Services available in the South Bay Area. Our only state of the art facility and always-available-one doctor clearly indicates where our focus and attention lie. We are not trying to build an orthodontic corporate conglomerate or maybe just concentrate in filling the pockets of some big wig stock-holders along the way. We are merely hoping to do what we love for as long as we possibly can and are very aware that in such an equation doing best by our patients needs to be our daily obsession.

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San Jose Dental Braces

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Having mentioned our differences with the start-up environment that surrounds us in Silicon Valley, we also need to mention that we love our home. We definitely live where we belong and fit like no other orthodontic office in the area. We are a very modern, ecofriendly, infection controlled, digitally transformed in any way and second-to-none dental office. Please come see us, not to toot our own horn with much impunity but we have been called the Bellagio of Orthodontic Offices.

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