Comprehensive Orthodontic Services Available in Santa Clara, CA

Comprehensive Orthodontic Services Available in Santa Clara, CAFor high-quality orthodontic treatment in Santa Clara, CA, look no further than Cadena Orthodontics. Headed by leading orthodontist J.C. Cardena, DDS, we provide you with a full range of orthodontic services that will improve your smile and your oral health.


Dr. Cardena is one of only a handful of orthodontists in the Santa Clara area who is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontists. As such, he is on the cutting edge of orthodontic treatments, which allow him to diagnose, properly prescribe and implement the best solutions to give patients the best possible smile.


If you desire a beautiful smile but don’t want the appearance of metal braces, Invisalign may be for you. Invisible to those around you, Invisalign moves your teeth into place through a set of clear aligners that you change every few weeks according to a schedule set up by Dr. Cardena. This cutting-edge treatment involves the use of custom-molded aligners that gently move your teeth into place. Treatment occurs much more quickly than with traditional braces and involves fewer and shorter office visits.

Invisalign is comfortable to wear and allows for easier brushing and flossing. Plus, you’re not restricted with the types of food you can eat. Invisalign is ideal for patients who have mild to moderate orthodontic problems and for adults who want to avoid the look of traditional braces.


Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign, however. That’s why Dr. Cardena offers treatment via traditional metal braces for straightening teeth and correcting overbite and underbite. Our staff will work closely with you to help you get accustomed to your new braces and alleviate the soreness associated with them.

Dr. Cardena’s goal is to provide his patients with the best possible treatment that does not involve headgear, permanent tooth removal, or surgery.


To get the best possible treatment for your situation, you’ll need a full consultation to determine your exact needs. To request an appointment at your convenience, call our office today. Just one call will have you on your way to the beautiful smile and straight teeth you have always wanted. (408) 971-4746

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