Smileswork Scholarship & Braces Day

Smileswork Scholarship & Braces DayHere at Dr. JC’s office we are all interested in getting the word out in regards to the advantages and benefits of considering Orthodontic Treatment. We have devised a plan where by we educate, promote and give back to the community that has benefited us through out the years, all while having fun. It starts with Braces Day and culminates with the selection of the yearly recipient of our very own Smileswork Scholarship.

Braces Day
Braces day is arranged through local schools and it entails a classroom visit by our entire staff. We divide the classroom into small groups that rotate every ten minutes through different stations designed to teach a bit about the world of orthodontics to the students. For example, we have them take impressions of their pinky fingers and then “pour them up” with plaster so to make models not unlike the ones we do with our patient’s teeth. Most importantly, we provide a free orthodontic consultation for all the participant students, using our findings to nominate possible candidates for our Smileswork Scholarship. We create several contests, leave prizes for the kids and at the end of the day, we would like to believe they all have a great time while learning something new.

The Smileswork Scholarship simply means free braces for a lucky student !!!

We nominate possible candidates as a result of Braces Day and have the teachers and School Principal participate in the process of selection. Scholastic achievement, exemplary behavior and other merits are considered. Our Smileswork Scholarship Recipient is entitled to full comprehensive orthodontic therapy, an approximate monetary value over $6000. We look at it as a pledge for the school and our local community.

If your school is not participating yet, please be sure to get in touch with us because we would like to include you. Let’s build a stronger East San Jose!

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